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Are the Risks in Solar Power Plants Really Known by Industry Stakeholders?

Renewable energy is at a very important point for our country as well as for the world. Increasing natural gas and oil prices show us the value of renewable energy much more clearly.

Investment in Wind, Solar, Hydroelectric, Biomass and even Wave Power Plants, which are considered within the scope of renewable energy, must continue to increase, minimizing their negative effects on the environment.

For the sustainability of such high-investment power plants, issuing an insurance policy has ceased to be a matter of necessity and has become essential.

When we consider Solar Power Plants, one of the types of renewable energy, are the possible risks in these systems clearly known in detail by the sector stakeholders?

Of course, most superficial risks in SPPs are known by industry stakeholders. However, what are the detailed risks?

We are aware of how necessary and important the academic infrastructure is to evaluate damage, risk and repair costs not only according to the current situation but also according to periodic technology and construction developments.

'For example, what are the differences between the SPPs established in 2016, 2017, and even partially in 2018, and the SPPs established in later years? What is the importance of these differences in terms of insurance risk and premium assessment? What are the differences between the loss of profit due to a possible damage to these power plants and the potential loss of profit in power plants installed after 2018? Meanwhile, how many times the profit loss is there in proportion? From where? In case of panel damage, the damage traces on the panel surface can be determined from the reason why the damage occurred, whether the panel damage occurred due to a single event or more than one event (in terms of exemption application), the damage seen as snow weight, landslide, flood. strong>whether there is actually any damage that is not covered by the warranty''

Are the answers to these questions really known by industry stakeholders?


Gla Group Energy Team

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