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It is important to manage the damage. Our Gla Group claims management process is as follows:


Upon receiving the notice of damage, our expert technical experts contact the insured authorities within a maximum of 15 minutes and receive information on the details of the damage.


In line with the information received, an appraisal program is conducted and an appraisal work is carried out as soon as possible.


The appraisal work is carried out in the form of clear and accurate damage detection with our detailed engineering examinations.


Necessary documents related to damage are requested from the insured during / after the appraisal work.


Subsequently, a preliminary report is sent to the insurance company.


It is expected that the required documents will be forwarded to us. Until the documents are completed, the insured is informed every week about the missing documents.


By submitting the requested documents, the final damage report is issued, the insured is informed and sent to the insurance company.


The entire damage management process is carried out by experienced, expert, engineers who have received internal training.


Gla Group, Engineering, Fire, Transportation, Responsibility (especially product responsibility), Air-Sea-Rail Vehicles damage assessment, risk analysis and appraisal work is serving.

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